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Simeone Consulting, LLC offers the following consulting services:

  • Data-driven natural resource supply chain analysis:​​

    • Supply chain risk assessments for specific commodities in the fish/seafood and wood/forest product sectors

    • Transparency and traceability projects

    • Policy evaluation and analysis

    • Detection of illegal resource trade, illicit financial transactions, and controversial foreign investments​

  • Experience facilitating and coordinating diverse groups of stakeholders to find common ground and assisting in the development and execution of strategies and collaborative projects

  • Cultivation of research partnerships between academia, NGOs, federal and state government agencies, industry associations, and companies

  • Expertise and development of support for scientific tools and emerging technologies for species and provenance identification of natural resources

  • Spatial planning and multi-stakeholder engagement for the development of  marine protected areas (MPAs) 

John Simeone (left) discussing crab trade at the International Fishery Congress in Vladivostok, Russia 

Inspecting Russian oak logs in Northeastern China 

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