Simeone Consulting, LLC provides technical expertise in the following areas:

  • Data-driven natural resource supply chain analysis:​

    • Supply chain risk assessments for specific commodities in the fish/seafood and wood/forest product sectors

    • Transparency and traceability projects
    • Detection of illegal resource trade, illicit financial transactions, and controversial foreign investments

  • Data-driven US policy analysis of the US Lacey Act and Seafood Import Monitoring Program (SIMP)

  • Geopolitical and socioeconomic dynamics of the management and trade of natural resources

  • Scientific tools and emerging technologies for species and provenance identification of natural resources

  • Spatial planning and multi-stakeholder engagement for the development of  marine protected areas (MPAs)

  • Developing research partnerships between academia, NGOs, federal and state government agencies, and companies

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John Simeone (left) discussing crab trade at the International Fishery Congress in Vladivostok, Russia 

Inspecting Russian oak logs in Northeastern China 

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